Old St Helen's Church is a fascinating outdoor place to bring a small group of students to. You can combine your visit with a tour of Friary Gardeners to see their gardening project and the remains of a Victorian farm or visit the new church which contains several Georgian memorials from the old church and the second oldest brass in Sussex.

Visits are free. Later this term there will be a series of downloadable resource on this page.

What is there to see?
  • A 12th century tower from the time of the Norman Conquest.
  • The ruins of a medieval church
  • A churchyard which has remained virtually untouched since the early 19th century.


Why should we visit?

The church and its churchyard provide many learning opportunities, including:

  • Local history
  • Family history
  • Norman Hastings
  • Medieval Hastings
  • The importance of the church in the local and wider community
  • Stone buildings
  • Wildlife and the environment


The memorial stones and/or the church could be used for a mathematics or science project. A visit to the church and churchyard could form part of a literacy or story-writing project. You might like to ask pupils to research St. Helen and why the church is named after her.

More ideas will be available shortly in the downloadable document, 'Learning Opportunities.'

Schools and other interested parties are welcome to visit. The building works will shortly be complete. A risk assessment form and further details are available from the Education Coordinator or the Project Manager.